Career Preparation

The St. Joseph County ISD assists our public and registered non-public schools in the implementation of the Career Preparation process for students in grades K – 12. The process involves the use of Career Start (K-6) and Career Prep (7-12) Workbooks, job-shadowing, career exploration, self-awareness and workplace know-how skills activities and exacting skill training through a Career Technical Education (CTE) Consortium program and Glen Oaks Community College.

Career Preparation is all the things students do that move them from the world of school to the world of work and higher education. It includes learning about different careers and exploring skills needed to be successful in those careers. Important parts of Career Prep include the selection of a Career Pathway, designing a parent-endorsed EDP, and compiling and presenting a portfolio.

For more information, please contact Tommy Cameron, CTE Consortium Supervisor.

What is the EDP?

The Educational Development Plan (EDP) is an outline of activities for students to follow to help them define their interests, identify their strengths, investigate their career choices, and then select courses which will help them reach their goals. It is their road map through their selected Career Pathway. The units in the Career Prep Workbooks will assist them in discovering more about themselves. This is an important step in their awareness of career opportunities and how their decisions will affect their future.

What is a Portfolio?

A portfolio tells a story about individual students. It is a story of what they know, what they can do well, and what they dream of. The authors of the stories are individual students. They fill the pages with their successes. It is not about bragging; it is about understanding themselves. By the time students graduate, their portfolios should sum up what they have accomplished in high school and how they plan to reach their goals for the future.

Career Prep Coordinators

The goal of the Career Prep Process is to bring the community to school, and to take the school to the community. Career Prep Coordinators have been assigned in each district to help teachers, counselors, students, and businesses achieve this link. This person coordinates activities that help students learn more about their chosen Career Pathway. Student job-shadowing, teacher visitations to industry, and student portfolio presentations are a few of the activities that are organized by the Career Prep Coordinator.

Career Preparation Workbooks