Sturgis Public Schools

First and foremost, Sturgis Public Schools is a place where kids are valued, cared about, and nurtured. In summation, Sturgis Public Schools cares about kids and here’s how we do it-

1. We care about their safety. The safety of our students is the most important thing on your mind and our mind as well. From the minute we pick up students on our buses or welcome our “walkers” in the front door of our buildings, we make sure that each child is physically, emotionally, and mentally safe. You expect and deserve that.

2. We care about their education. Sturgis has developed an educational program that is second to none in this area and will compete with any school in Michigan. We have a dynamic teaching, administrative, and support staff that makes this so. It must also be said that we have a Board of Education and Curriculum Department who care very much about making Sturgis the finest school district possible for your child. Every child who enters our doors is expected to go on to further their education when they graduate. It is our honor and privilege to help them acquire the skills to do so.

3. We care about how others view us. Sturgis Public Schools has earned “District Accreditation” through recognition by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement. We are one of only twenty school districts out of more than a thousand public, charter, and private schools in Michigan to earn this impressive distinction.

4. We care about sustaining our schools. Our Board of Education has made it a mission to make sure that SPS has the resources to deliver the best education now and into the future. The SPS Board and Business Department started running “lean accounting” before the theory was even talked about in educational circles. We seek to make sure everyone knows how, why, and when we spend our resources. We are also one of the best positioned schools in the State of Michigan when it comes to finances. This is because there has been teamwork and sacrifice by all of our staff. This will allow us to continue to deliver quality education into the future.

5. We care about you! Whether you are a parent, grandparent, cousin, or neighbor of one or more of our students- if you care about Sturgis Public Schools, we care about what you think. Please know that you are a valued member of our educational community.

Sturgis Public Schools
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