Business Office

The St. Joseph County ISD Business Office offers assistance to schools in a variety of areas, collaborates with other ISD's and local school districts, operates a $22.2 million dollar budget.

Some of the services provided are:

  • Budget Development and Monitoring.
  • Payroll Processing.
  • Accounts Payable and Cash Receipts.
  • Reconcile Bank Accounts.
  • Year End Audits.
  • Grant Accounting and Audits.
  • Prepare and submit State and Federal financial reporting.
  • Provide Business Manager Services.
  • Human Resource practices and overall Human Resources functions.
  • Provide statistical information.
  • Collaborates with local schools to share ways to save money and to work together to consolidate services.
  • Provide fiscal services for three local districts.
  • Coordinate seven countywide Business Association Meetings.
  • Participate in the State ISD Committee Meetings.
  • Medicaid outreach and fee for service processing generating more than $600,000 in revenue countywide.
  • AppliTrack job posting and applicant tracking consortium. Eight of the nine local school districts participate in the consortium.
  • 403(b) compliance through the MRIC Consortium. All nine of the local districts and Glen Oaks Community College participate in this consortium and an ISD representative sits on the MRIC Board.
Assistant Superintendent of Finance, Operations, & H.R.
Fiscal Services Manager
Human Resources/Communications Manager
Marketing/Communications Specialist
Facilities and Transportation Supervisor
Human Resource Assistant
Fiscal Services Coordinator
HR/Payroll Coordinator
Accounting Coordinator

The St. Joseph County ISD’s Annual Report is an opportunity for our community to learn about how we utilize the resources provided to us. Our spending decisions support our mission to enable all students to become contributing members of society. We are governed by a school board selected by our customers, our local districts. Everything we do is subject to public review. We invite you to read our Annual Web Report.