Student & Parent Resource Information

CTE classes may be canceled for inclement weather or other unexpected occurrences. CTE students are not expected to report to class when the student’s home school or the host school is closed. CTE students are expected to report when the home school and host school are open. If there is a weather-related delayed start at the home school or host school, morning sessions will be canceled, however, CTE students should report as usual to their afternoon CTE class.

Note: On inclement weather days only, CTE classes held at GOCC will follow Centreville High School for closings, delays, and early dismissals.

In the event of an unexpected early dismissal during scheduled CTE time (severe weather, etc.), CTE staff and local transportation supervisors will coordinate returning students to their home school prior to the school’s dismissal time.

Listen for weather-related school closings on the radio/ TV or check online at WWMT, or contact your home/host school district for information.

CTE uses the SchoolMessenger alert system to better communicate school closures, class changes and other important information to students, parents and/or guardians. You have the option to receive voice messages, email alerts and/or text messages at this time. Information on how to receive alerts will be distributed the first week of school.

How to Setup your account in SchoolMessenger

Students and parents have the option to receive these alerts by phone, email, or text -- or any combination of those three options. To manage how you receive this information, check your email on file with the CTE office.

For further information, please email or call the CTE office at 269-467-5429.

What are Core Performance Indicators?

Federal guidelines under the Perkins V-Strengthening Career & Technical Education Act require that states establish a performance accountability system designed to assess the effectiveness of the state in achieving progress in CTE. These measures are commonly referred to as Core Performance Indicators (CPIs). States are required to continually make progress toward improving the performance of CTE students based on state-adjusted measurable levels of performance for each CPI.

2022-23 CPI Report

Definitions for Core Performance Indicators

1S1 Graduation Rates

Percentage of CTE concentrators who graduated from high school during the reporting year.

2S1 Academic Proficiency in Reading/Language Arts

Percentage of CTE concentrators who achieved academic proficiency in Reading/Lanuage Arts, as determined by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

2S2 Academic Proficiency in Mathematics

Percentage of CTE concentrators who achieved academic proficiency in Mathematics, as determined by ESSA.

2S3 Academic Proficiency in Science

Percentage of CTE concentrators who achieved academic proficiency in Science, as determined by ESSA.

3S1 Post-Program Placement

Percentage of CTE concentrators who entered post-secondary education, advanced training, employment, military service, national and community service programs, or volunteers for the Peace Corps.

4S1 Nontraditional Program Concentration

Percentage of CTE concentrators in a CTE program that leads to a nontraditional occupation, based on underrepresented gender groups in nontraditional CTE programs.

5S1 Program Quality-Attained Recognized Postsecondary Credential

CTE concentrators who graduated from high school during the reporting year and attained a recognized postsecondary credential, such as:

  • Industry-recognized certification
  • Certificate of completion of an apprenticeship
  • State or federally recognized license
  • Postsecondary certificate or associate or baccalaureate degree