Credit Opportunities

Career & Technical Education classes come with high school and college credit opportunities.

High School Credit Opportunities

CTE classes can be used in lieu of a number of different high school graduation requirements, including one year of foreign language, a third Science credit, a final-year Math credit … and more. Additionally, almost every CTE class gives you the opportunity to earn FREE college dual enrollment credit.  Click on the chart below to learn more!

Contact your high school counselor for details, call 269-467-5429 or email today!

Note: Only your school district can award high school academic credit. Each public school district sets its own graduation requirements based on Michigan Merit Curriculum requirements.  Your high school counselor can give you more information about your district’s graduation requirements.

Dual Enrollment Credit Opportunities

Most CTE classes offer students an opportunity to earn FREE college credit through dual enrollment. In some classes, students can earn over 20 hours of free college credit from Glen Oaks Community College or Southwestern Michigan College. Dual enrollment is optional for students and not required to pass the CTE class.  Additional coursework may be required to earn credit for the college class.  To receive dual enrollment credits, students must complete the appropriate college application at the beginning of the CTE class. Dual enrollment grades will be recorded on your permanent college transcript at that college. See your CTE instructor or college admissions office for more information.