About CTE in St. Joseph County

What is CTE?

Picture of student weldingCareer & Technical Education (CTE) is an incredible opportunity for high school students to explore careers and engage with hands-on learning to empower future career decisions.


CTE isn't just a class -- it's a pathway that provides students with practical skills and real-world readiness!


In St. Joseph County, CTE is made available through a taxpayer approved millage and collaborative effort involving all eight public high schools as well as the Intermediate School District (ISD). This Consortium provides a diverse range of programs, with classes held at four local school districts and at Glen Oaks Community College. This inclusive approach brings together students from various schools, fostering shared interests and a genuine commitment to learning and success. Additionally, CTE welcomes participation from private school and home-schooled students.

CTE doesn't just offer education. It opens doors to a world of possibilities and success. 


What makes CTE Great?

Students enrolled in CTE programs have an opportunity to gain skills to prepare them for successful career entry, advancement, and/or continuing education. Below are the four components of a quality CTE program:

Classroom Instruction - integrating academic and technical skills with focused instruction, reinforcement, and additional depth on academic concepts that support technical skills

Hands-on Learning - learning to develop technical skills through hands-on training in labs, classroom, and on-site with a focus on project-based learning and student skill demonstration

Work-Based Learning - providing opportunities for students to further develop and apply skills learned in the classroom by creating interactions with employers in real workplace settings that foster first-hand engagement with tasks required of specific careers

Student Leadership - giving students opportunities to support employability and career ready practices, helping students become effective leaders, providing opportunities for students to participate in Career & Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) or other programs

Each year in late winter, sophomores countywide are invited to participate in CTE Exploration Days where they have the opportunity to "preview" all CTE programs and decide which best meet their future career goals and interests. Students are then encouraged to apply online, identifying a first and second choice. Their high school counselors review the list of students who have applied and determine whether to enroll the student based on their performance, attendance, and career goals. Students are notified by their high school if they are enrolled. Explore our website to learn more about the programs available!

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Email us at cte@sjcisd.org or call 269-467-5429.