The St. Joseph County ISD belongs to a county wide consortium of all participating districts within St. Joseph County.  All technology services are provided by the St. Joseph County Schools Information Services consortium.  Recently the SJCSIS consortium has begin including data services for Student Information Services, Special Education Data Services and Data Warehouse services.

St. Joseph County ISD also participates in the TRIG Grant with representatives on the State Education Network (MiSEN) and Data Integration Advisory Boards.  Bringing additional support for districts in St. Joseph County.

For more information, please contact Benjamin Daugherty, Director of Information Services.


The Information Services Team assists any district in providing profession consulting services to help in moving ahead with technology projects, saving thousands of dollars in costs.  We provide help in the preparation of grants, bond projects, provide on-site training, a variety of technology services, or just offer advice on the technology needed of the district.


The Information Services Team can provide on-site training to any of our districts in various software and hardware products. Training for instructional integrations are provided at the St. Joseph ISD by our Professional Development team.