Career Awareness & Exploration

CTE prepares you for the NEXT LEVEL

Preparing students for life after graduation, whether heading to college, pursuing trade skills, or entering the workforce directly, is a significant focus of the CTE program. This emphasis is crucial because students increasingly require a clear understanding of how their classroom learning translates into real-world applications. Connecting classroom learning with practical applications in the workplace helps students comprehend the "why" behind their studies and facilitates a smoother transition to the professional world. Learning skills in context fosters better understanding and retention among students.

Career Awareness

CTE aims to facilitate career exploration for students by leveraging the Xello platform. It assists high school students in understanding careers, education's role, and post-high school planning through assessments, career profiles, and post-secondary guidance. By aligning interests, building resumes, and setting goals, Xello ensures students make informed decisions and are prepared for life beyond high school.

Career Preparation/Readiness

CTE prioritizes preparing high school students for post-graduation success, using software such as CareerPrepped to cultivate crucial career readiness skills highly sought by employers. Students engage in practical activities like crafting portfolios, modeling professional behavior, managing interpersonal conflict, and developing a personal finance system.

CTE Work-Based Learning

CTE strives to provide WBL experiences to every student, including demonstrations, job shadows, field trips, Internships and apprenticeships. These experiences aim to blend classroom learning with real-world industry practices, enabling students to explore post-high school pathways. Such valuable opportunities are facilitated by the strong relationships fostered between CTE and local business and industry partners.