Early Childhood

America’s future is held firmly in the hands of our smallest, youngest, and most vulnerable citizens—our children. Therefore, we must address any concerns Early On to ensure that every child birth to age 5 years gets off to a Great Start. This is not only the foundation of the St. Joseph County ISD Early Childhood Department, it is our commitment. For all available early childhood services and activities, please click on Early On and Great Start.

For more information or if you have questions about preschool or Great Start Readiness program, please contact Ranee Conley, Early Childhood Supervisor.

For more information about Early On or Early Head Start, please contact Amy Brauer, Early Head Start Program Manager.

Early On

Early On is a system designed to coordinate early intervention and other services for families who have children (ages 0 – 36 months) experiencing developmental delays or who have disabilities or special needs.

Great Start

Great Start is committed to ensuring that all children are healthy, safe and ready to succeed by age five. Children don’t come with instructions; Great Start can help assist parents of children from birth to age five with finding answers to those questions that arise when raising children.