Our Employee Value Proposition

Compensation and Benefits

Competitive Salary 

Paid Time Off

Paid Holidays

Paid Sick Leave

Paid Parental Leave

Medical Insurance

Dental Insurance 

Vision Insurance 


Compensation for cash in lieu of medical insurance

Remote work opportunities

Various extended year work opportunities

Paid sign on bonus

Summers off

Paid referral bonus

Disclosure: Availability of these benefits may vary depending on the position held within the organization.

Organization Culture

Inclusive Community

Collaborative Atmosphere

Continuous Learning

Wellness Reimbursement 

Student-Centered Approach

Respectful Communication

Positive Reinforcement and Recognition

Flexible and Adaptive

Supportive Leadership

Hometown People

Career Growth


Career Advancement Opportunities

Leadership Growth Opportunities 

Paid Internship

Paid Professional Development 

Tuition Reimbursement Opportunities 

Mission and Purpose of the Organization

Mission Statement: "Building Better Futures for Children and Communities"

Focused on Empowering Children and Communities

Committed to Creating Lasting Positive Impact

Dedicated to Building Brighter Futures

Driven by a Passion for Enhancing Lives

Centered on Nurturing Growth and Development

Committed to Strengthening Communities Through Education

Guided by a Vision of a Better Future for All

Leadership Style

Clear Communication from Leadership

Supportive Approach

Encouraging Employee Input

Providing Guidance and Mentorship

Emphasizing Accountability

Cultivating Trust and Respect

Fostering Innovation and Creativity

Welcoming Feedback for Improvement

Leading with Integrity

Balancing Vision with Practicality