Agriscience is more than farming -

it's an exciting field that blends agriculture and science and offers a wide range of opportunities for high school students passionate about the natural world. 

This dynamic field merges hands-on exploration with cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs to elevate farming techniques, food production, and environmental sustainability. This course covers topics such as plant genetics, soil science, crop production, floriculture, animal behavior, livestock farming, and modern agricultural technology, presenting students with a wide array of engaging pathways to explore.

For students interested in Agriscience, it’s an invitation to comprehend how science shapes our food, environment, and the future of sustainable agriculture. From conducting experiments in the onsite greenhouse to working in the barn or at the land lab, to participating in FFA activities or diving into research projects on agricultural innovations, this class offers exciting ventures where curiosity, innovation, and a love for nature converge. This field opens doors to a spectrum of career possibilities beyond conventional farming – it can lead to roles in law, technology, forestry, advocacy, and more. Through hands-on experiences like hydroponics systems, plant ecosystem building, leadership development, and exposure to cutting-edge technologies like drones and GPS, students not only learn but also grow personally, gaining confidence and honing vital skills for their future endeavors.

Agriscience isn’t just an educational path; it’s a transformative journey that unveils the vast scope of agriculture and empowers students to shape their futures in an ever-evolving industry.


Centreville High School


Jenny Troyer

Instructional Assistant:

Megan Milliman

Student Organization:

  • FFA

Certifications Possible:

  • Tractor Safety
  • Elanco Veterinary Medical Applications
  • BASF Plant Science
  • Michigan Farm Bureau/AFT Credential

Who is this class for:

Students interested in hands-on learning and skill development across a wide spectrum of careers beyond traditional farming. This class offers practical experience to expand knowledge and skills while exploring various facets of agriculture and its many career possibilities.

"Agriscience knowledge can be applied to any future career pathway. Give me a career and I can show you how it applies to Agriscience!"