Construction Trades: Residential Building

Constructing Dreams, Building Futures

Explore the world of construction through the Construction Trades-Residential Building program! Gain hands-on experience constructing a house from the ground up, starting with the basement foundation and working up to the roof. From laying floor joists and installing subflooring to erecting walls wrapped in plywood, students actively engage in every step of the building process. This class not only prepares students for potential careers in construction, but empowers them to repair their own homes in the future.

Curious about the various skilled individuals working on construction sites? This program offers insights into specialized skills like carpentry, plumbing, and heavy equipment operation. It covers foundational building skills, including electrical work, estimating, and project management.

Whether your interest lies in bricklaying, glass fittings, or steel frames, this class provides a comprehensive understanding of house construction, imparting students with versatile skills. Through a mix of classroom learning, onsite house projects, and hands-on internships with local professionals, this program ensures a complete learning experience. If you thrive in diverse outdoor conditions and enjoy hands-on work, join us to explore the diverse and growing construction job opportunities in Michigan and beyond!


  • Sturgis Commons & Building Site
  • Three Rivers High School & Building Site


Lincoln Klinger - Three Rivers
(269) 467-5429 (CTE Office)

Wally Wheeler - Sturgis
(269) 467-5429 (CTE Office)

Instructional Assistants:

  • Dan Briggs
  • JD Yoder
  • Fritz Pins

Student Organization:


Certifications Possible:

  • OSHA 10-hour for Construction
  • Career Connections Levels 1-3

Who this class is for:

Students looking to pursue careers in construction, especially those who enjoy working outdoors in various weather conditions and have a passion for hands-on work.