Engineering, Design & Manufacturing (EDM)

Inspiring Innovation - Engage, Create, Build!

Students fascinated by how things work and who like to take things apart and rebuild them just to see how they are made or look for ways to improve them will find the Engineering, Design and Manufacturing (EDM) program is perfect for them.

This class immerses students in the world of manufacturing engineering, where math and science are applied to design, construct, and test production components. With hands-on training using industry-standard tools like Computer Network Control (CNC) machines, 3D printers, mills, lathes, and robotic arms, the curriculum emphasizes project-based learning. Gain essential skills relevant for future careers or higher education, covering the manufacturing process from initial design to the final product. Develop proficiency in Solidworks, a vital tool in modern engineering, and explore personal interests while honing skills crucial for diverse industries like manufacturing, architecture, construction, electrical engineering, and automotive sectors.

The EDM class offers unique opportunities for real-world exposure. Frequent field trips to nearby manufacturers provide invaluable job-shadowing and work-based learning experiences, offering insights into industry practices and fostering understanding of manufacturing systems and product development.


Three Rivers High School


Philip Webb

Student Organization:


Certifications Possible:

  • Precision Measuring-Titans of CNC

Who this class is for:

Students with a natural curiosity about how things work and enjoy exploring innovative solutions, have a strong desire for hands-on learning, and are eager to delve into the complexities of engineering and manufacturing while honing their creativity and problem-solving skills.

 "Being part of the EDM program has given my classmates and me the chance to learn a variety of skills, from robotics to machining, while we're still in high school. It's amazing to think that before we even graduate, we're getting practical experience that matches what's needed in the actual workplace."