Public Safety

Empowering Tomorrow's Protectors

For students passionate about helping others and interested in Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), or 911 Dispatching, this program provides a comprehensive foundation for a career in Public Service. Learn core values of Leadership, Discipline, and Teamwork while acquiring essential skills in:

  • Traffic Policing
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Criminal Law 
  • Forensic Science
  • 911 Dispatching
  • Issues & Ethics in Law Enforcement

Students will also be introduced to fire services and emergency medical services (EMS) to broaden their scope within the Public Safety domain. To prepare students for the rigors of public safety professions, this course will push students physically and academically. Physical training helps develop leadership and teamwork as well as a healthy mindset needed for working in these professions. Students will also actively engage in campus patrols, fostering hands-on experiences.  

This program not only opens doors to immediate employment in many public safety professions but promises a stable future with benefits like pensions, healthcare, and competitive pay after high school graduation. While some Public Safety careers require candidates to be 21 years old to carry firearms, this course can provide a pathway to the Police Academy or further training.


Centreville Public Schools


Chad Spence

Student Organization:

  • To be determined


  • CPR/First Aid/Dispatch

Who this class is for:

Students passionate about community service, interested in law enforcement or emergency services, and seeking foundational knowledge in public safety careers.

"The instructor actively supports our success, creating an encouraging environment where help is always available. We work together to assist one another so that we may better support our community as a whole."