Computer Coding & Gaming

This class is not about "playing games," but rather, how you can use your interests and talents to jumpstart a career for success in the diverse field of IT! Get Your Game On!

If you like technology and can think “outside the box,” this class is for you!  Knowing basic software languages will help prepare you for the 18,000-plus jobs currently available in Michigan in the information technologies industry.

Students have the opportunity to learn and understand computer programming, including software for mobile applications, gaming and website development. You will learn in-demand languages such as JavaScript, C#, C++, PHP, Python, Visual Basic, and more.


Phil Webb

Are you interested in:

  • Computer Programming
  • Website Design
  • Mobile Applications
  • Software Languages
  • Internet Ethics

Career Opportunities:

  • Computer Programmer
  • Video Game Designer
  • Software Engineer
  • Web Designer
  • Applications Designer
  • Robotics Programmer

Student Organization:

  • Business Professionals of America (BPA)

Course Syllabus:

  • To be provided

High School Credit Opportunities:

  • 3rd Science
  • 4th Math
  • 2nd World Language

College Credit Opportunities:

  • CIS 117 Visual Basic Programming (3)
  • CIS 132 Introduction to Java (4)

Certifications Available:

This class offers multiple certification opportunities in various programming languages. See the instructor for details.