Computer Coding & Gaming

Let’s Code the Future Together!

Are you someone who loves unraveling mysteries, solving puzzles, and dreaming up innovative solutions? Step into the thrilling world of technology with our CTE Coding & Gaming class! Students with a flair for thinking creatively and have a deep interest in technology will find this class to be a perfect match.

This isn't just about playing games – it's about channeling interests and skills towards a thriving career in the dynamic field of Information Technology. Explore core principles of programming and dive into essential software languages like JavaScript, C#, C++, PHP, Python, Visual Basic, and more! It’s not all theory. Students get hands-on experience crafting mobile apps, building games, designing websites, and much more. Throughout this course, students establish a foundation in computer software engineering.  Engage with discrete math, computer science, and diverse programming languages. Explore the intricacies of creating and maintaining software systems, designing operating systems for varied devices, and navigating the ever-evolving realm of artificial intelligence. The landscape of computer software engineering is always changing, demanding problem-solving abilities and a hunger for ongoing learning.


Glen Oaks Community College


Phil Webb

Student Organization:

  • SkillsUSA

Certifications Possible:

  • Python
  • JAVA

Who this class is for:

Students interested in a career in software development with a passion for technology, problem-solving, and creativity.

This class is about unleashing creativity. Once you learn the tools, logic, and problem-solving, it’s up to you to put them to use. What can you create and proudly say you made?”