Teacher Academy

Shaping Minds, Building Futures

If you excel at captivating audiences, simplifying complex ideas, connecting with children, and possess qualities like patience and organization, a teaching career may be your true calling. Today's students require strong classroom leadership to create enjoyable and engaging learning experiences.

This program goes beyond typical learning. Teacher Academy students, or cadets, actively contribute to creating curriculum and instructional materials in a classroom setting while developing invaluable employability and communication skills. Throughout the program, cadets collaborate with a mentor or host teacher, gaining hands-on experience and working with actual students in real classrooms within our local districts. This practical exposure ensures cadets grasp not only the theory but also the art of teaching. The skills acquired in the CTE Teacher Academy program will open doors to various rewarding career paths, including roles such as K-12 teacher, special education teacher, school counselor or social worker, speech pathologist, and more.


  • Sturgis High School
  • Three Rivers High School


Julie Evans - Sturgis

Wayne (Rusty) Stitt - Three Rivers

Student Organization/Leadership:

  • Volunteer experiences in the community with students and their schools

Certifications Possible:

  • Child Development Associate (CDA)
  • Youth Development Associate (YDA)

Who this class is for:

Students aspiring to become teachers or pursue roles within the education field. It's ideal for individuals who show commitment, dedication, kindness, understanding, and possess the ability to connect with children, foster relationships with students, and demonstrate organizational skills.

"Come experience how the teacher makes all the difference with learning in the classroom!"