Automotive Technologies

Driving Your Own Future

Rev up your passion for automobiles and embark on a rewarding career with the CTE Automotive Technologies program, tailored for hands-on enthusiasts aspiring to become automotive service technicians.

This class offers an extensive curriculum that covers routine maintenance to advanced repairs, emphasizing safety, industry standards, and a balanced approach of classroom instruction and hands-on experience for a comprehensive understanding of technical expertise and professional ethics. First-year students focus on maintenance and light automotive repair (MLR), covering essential shop tools and equipment and engine system fundamentals such as starters, cooling systems, electrical components, and basic services such as oil changes. They are introduced to automatic transmissions, manual drive trains and axles, as well as steering, suspension, and brake systems. Second-year students delve deeper into these specialty areas while also serving as shop leaders and helping guide new students.

Our CTE Auto Tech program is accredited by the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Educational Foundation. Students have the opportunity to earn an ASE Entry-Level Certification in Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair.  Advanced students are set up to take State of Michigan Mechanic tests in Brakes and Steering & Suspension.

Students, embrace your passion for cars, acquire invaluable skills, and launch your adventure into the high-speed realm of automotive technology. Assume control of your career's steering wheel and allow the CTE Auto Tech program to power and guide you toward triumph!


  • Glen Oaks Community College


Jim Deroshia

Instructional Assistants:

Jeff Bradley/Tim Freehling

Student Organization:

  • To be determined

Certifications Available:

  • ASE Maintenance & Light Repair (MLR)
  • State of Michigan Mechanic-Brakes & Braking Systems

Who this class is for:

Students passionate about automobiles and seeking a hands-on career in the automotive industry - whether you’re fascinated by the inner workings of vehicles or a desire to master skills required for maintaining and repairing them.

“On my first day at work, I was surprised at how much the CTE program had prepared me. It gave me this confidence from the get-go.  What stood out to me the most was that it brought to life what I've always been passionate about.”