Designing Futures, Crafting Vision

Tailored to high school students interested in architecture, this course provides a foundational exploration of architectural elements, design principles, drawing techniques, digital tools, materials, and construction methods. 

Students create floor plans, elevations, site plans, 3D renderings and other necessary documents that relate to building construction. By blending theory with hands-on projects, students gain a comprehensive understanding of the built environment. Additionally, students get hands-on experience with 3D modeling software like Revit, allowing them to craft intricate 3D models and visualize architectural ideas digitally. The hands-on projects aim to equip students with essential digital modeling skills and enhance creative problem-solving abilities in architectural design. Students develop practical skills and foster creativity to tackle architectural design challenges head-on. 


Sturgis High School


Alex Balzer

Student Organization:

  • SkillsUSA


  • To be determined

Who this class is for:

Students with a clear ambition to become architects, who have a passion for creative thinking and problem-solving and a natural ability to think in three dimensions and visualize spatial relationships.  This class is also for those with a strong interest in mathematics and physics as architecture involves understanding structural principles and mathematical concepts.

"Architecture isn't just about designing buildings -- it's about shaping our future. It's an opportunity to blend art and science, to envision spaces that inspire, and to contribute meaningfully to the world around us.”