Health Science II

Health Science students

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Continue your exploration into a career in healthcare with Health Science II, an advanced course that builds upon the foundations set in Health Science I. Delve deeper into the study of disease processes and nutrition while focusing on specific areas of interest within the medical field. This class offers tailored certifications, specialized skills training, hands-on learning, and additional real-world work experiences. Emphasizing development of vital skills, it enhances your employability immediately after high school or prepares you for further education in the healthcare sector.

Students have the opportunity to earn certifications, opening doors to lucrative career opportunities right after high school and allowing them to work while advancing their education in healthcare. Some employers may offer financial support for ongoing education. 

For those passionate about a medical career, Health Science II provides a strong foundation for students to explore their healthcare passions and make informed decisions before committing time and resources to college. This program offers invaluable insights through job shadows, connections with healthcare professionals, and practical experiences, all of which contribute to building a robust foundation for a successful future in healthcare.


  • Centreville High School


Darci Skrzyniarz

Lab/Clinical Manager:

  • Monica Bullock

Student Organization:

  • HOSA

Certifications Possible:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant 
  • Patient Care Technician
  • Phlebotomy
  • EKG Technician

Who this class is for:

Seniors who successfully completed the first year and have a strong interest in healthcare professions, seeking increased on-the-job experiences, certifications, and opportunities for earning additional college credits.

"The various job shadow opportunities in Health Science II helped me shape my career path and discover my passion and direction for a future in healthcare. I've gained clarity for my post-high school journey, experienced diverse healthcare roles, and now aspire to become a future Physician Assistant. The instructors have a passion for the healthcare field and enjoy seeing students find that 'aha' moment when they find their specific interest in healthcare."