Where intense heat meets flying sparks!

Welders are the architects of our world, skillfully fusing two or more pieces together using intense heat to create enduring structures. Its significance extends across manufacturing, construction, and various other industries, crafting resilient connections that surpass traditional fastening methods like bolts or rivets, making welding an indispensable trade. 

Emphasizing safety and precision, the hands-on training covers various techniques, including cutting, brazing, and soldering while using industry-standard equipment. This course explores methods such as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), and Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW). The curriculum delves into metal properties, oxidation-reduction, project setup, estimating, and plasma cutting while prioritizing employability skills such as communication and following directions.

Partnering with industry leaders, students visit local manufacturing facilities, engage in job shadowing and participate in work-based learning opportunities. They may attend trade shows to receive the latest information on new and evolving technologies. Students can also showcase their skills through various competitions at the local and state levels.   

This course equips students for immediate job entry or advanced training after graduation. An opportunity to earn an AWS SENSE Entry-Level Welding certification enhances their employment prospects and validates their expertise. 


  • Constantine High School
  • Glen Oaks Community College


Brea Zuydwegt - Constantine

Alyse Bannister - Glen Oaks

Instructional Assistants:

  • Patrick (Gil) Gillem
  • Timothy Freehling

Student Organization:


Certifications Possible:

  • AWS SENSE Entry-Level

Who this class is for:

Creative students who prefer hands-on work and have an interest in both financial prospects and exploring new places - the field of welding presents vast and exciting opportunities!

"Welding is all around us – welders can work underwater or even weld for NASA. The opportunities are endless!"